Sunday, January 25, 2015


Skyrim Patch 1.2 Coming Early This Week For All Platforms

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Bethesda’s confirmed the long-awaited Skyrim patch 1.2 will see its release early this week, meaning anywhere from now to Tuesday, and has given some hints as to what will be in the patch. Bethesda’s VP of Marketing and PR Pete Hines said the patch should be released “early [this] week]” for PS3, 360 and PC, and that “improved performance for ... Read More »

PS3 Skyrim Players Experiencing Nagging Issues, Unbearable Lag


It’s been a rough Skyrim journey for all platform owners. Whether it’s Xbox 360 with install and texture issues, PC with all sorts of strange bugs, or PS3 with lagging and data loss stresses, Skyrim is buggy as hell. The current issue for PS3 Skyrim players, however, deals with unending lag once 5-6MB of stored save data is surpassed. Apparently ... Read More »

Bethesda To Angry Skyrim Players: “Calm Down, We’re Working On It”


As of late, Skyrim’s been suffering with some rather unusual bugs, and publisher/developer Bethesda’s been working overtime to get a patch out the door and onto the respective platforms. However gamers all over are complaining to the ceiling about a game which was released only three days ago, demanding a patch immediately, and in turn Bethesda’s responded with matching vigor. Read More »

This Is How You Find A Bride In Skyrim

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Too hard to find a spouse in real life? ‘She’s just not into me’, you say? Forget it, then, who needs real life when there are multiple women waiting for love in Skyrim. I could hear you now: ‘here comes the bride’. Read More »

Video Thirst: This Is How Skyrim Was Made


We the gamers get to sit down in front of our big HDTVs and play for long periods of time our favorite games. But game developers work long years and long hours to bring these amazing experiences to us and we rarely get to see how it all started. Here’s how Bethesda made The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Read More »

Bethesda Fixing Skyrim Xbox 360 Install Issue As We Speak


Gamers with the Xbox 360 version of Skyrim are having issues when installing the game on the console’s hard drive, as many have confirmed that an error occurs disallowing high-detail textures to be loaded, leaving gamers with rather unpleasant visuals. But Bethesda’s responded favorably, saying they’re now working to release a patch to fix said issue. Read More »