Friday, August 29, 2014
Final Fantasy XV Far Into Development, Top Of Square-Enix’s Priority

Final Fantasy XV Far Into Development, Top Of Square-Enix’s Priority

When it comes to the Final Fantasy franchise, in my humble opinion, Square-Enix has failed the brand. From the constant delay of Final Fantasy vs XIII, a game announced at the beginning of the last generation which turned into Final Fantasy XV at the beginning of this one, to the failings, many of them, of Final Fantasy XIII — and XIII-2 — and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII — have caused longtime fans like me to lose faith in the publisher. And while I”m looking forward to Final Fantasy XV, I must admit that there’s some apprehension because of past experiences.

Hopefully things turn out differently for Final Fantasy XV, especially with Square-Enix saying that the title is at the top of its priority.

That’s according to series producer Yoshinori Kitase, speaking to Videogamer in a recent interview.

“We can’t give too much information but certainly looking at Final Fantasy XV, it’s not as if it’s in competition with Kingdom Hearts 3 for resources or anything like that,” Kitase said when asked for an update on the two games earlier this week. “It’s quite far into development now and it is being given a very high priority within the company itself, but that doesn’t mean Kingdom Hearts isn’t.”

These words should come as comfort to those of us  who are expecting a Final Fantasy game that actually lives up to the franchise’s high standards.

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