Saturday, August 30, 2014
Nathan Drake Actor On PS4: “I’ve Seen Some Stuff… I Couldn’t Believe it was Gameplay”

Nathan Drake Actor On PS4: “I’ve Seen Some Stuff… I Couldn’t Believe it was Gameplay”

Nolan North, the famed actor known for his role as Uncharted’s Nathan Drake, spoke to Gamerhub at the recent GameStop Expo in Los Angeles, and in the interview, the man couldn’t stop gushing about PS4′s tech, stating that he’s seen some work and simply could not believe that it was real.

I’ve seen of the prototypes of the PS4 and I know that a lot of the developers I’m working with that use the PS4… it’s an amazing machine. I think it’s going to step up the game for any game. Whether it’s Uncharted, God of War, Call of Duty, all these games are going to benefit from just the technology that they’re putting out.

When we think we’ve reached the pinnacle of what a game can look like, some genius somewhere makes it a little bit better and opens up the avenue for an opportunity to make the game more cinematic, more of an experience. I think the PS4 is going to be pretty amazing – it’s going to push those boundaries even further.

Once he was through talking about the visuals metamorphosis of the Uncharted franchise, North decided to set ablaze the excitement of already hyped gamers:

I’ve seen some stuff… gameplay… that they’re testing for… I don’t remember what game it was but they were doing some testing on the PS4 and I couldn’t believe it was gameplay. I mean, it’s extraordinary technology.

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  • Chaoszerox

    This can only mean one thing. Wtf are you doing Naughty Dog?

  • Ben Brocka

    They just got over 100 PS4 dev kits…so, something.