Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer “all about skill”

Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer “all about skill”

Guerilla Games’ Steven ter Heide discusses multiplayer. It’s no secret that Killzone: Shadow Fall is one of the most anticipated and impressive shooters of the next generation. Landing on launch day on the Playstation 4, the director behind it, Steven ter Heide, speaks of the multiplayer on an official PlayStation Blogcast.

The game looks and controls in a different manner than its predecessors, and ter Heide says “the new controller contributes a lot to that.” He adds that “it feels a lot more tighter”, while the reduced deadzone and input lag help elevate the shooting mechanics to new level.

A very notable part of the Blogcast was when he said that when Guerilla looked “at aim assist and stuff like that, we took it all out. It’s all about skill.” A staple of console games, aim assist helps you put your sights over your enemy much easier, by being more sticky when it detects an enemy in its area.

Tremendous differences here when compared to the previous games, but will Shadow Fall live up to the hype? When it launches alongside the console on November 15 (NA) and November 29 (EU), we’ll find out, and you’ll know through our review.

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