Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Thirsty Conversations: Should We Trust Microsoft After The Xbox One DRM Flip Flop?

Thirsty Conversations: Should We Trust Microsoft After The Xbox One DRM Flip Flop?

They lied to us on numerous occasions. They said Xbox One needed to be always-online in order to function properly. They also wanted to screw us over, blocking gamers from being able to loan or gift their games to friends, insulted us by saying if we couldn’t access internet that we should stick to Xbox 360 and, with vague language, used PR spin to force us to believe that, because the console was always-connected, it’d harness the power of the cloud to give Xbox One infinite power, something Digital Foundry has said is impossible to achieve at the moment.

Now, after looking at the preorder numbers from retailers like Amazon, GameStop and Bestbuy, and realizing that PS4 was trouncing the Xbox One in sales, Microsoft decided that all what it had previously said about the console didn’t matter. The company completely abandoned its stance on used games, internet connection and region-lock DRM, stating that as it was with Xbox 360, so it shall be with Xbox One.

But if a company can so quickly change its stance, should we trust them again? Wouldn’t they change again if the right opportunity presented itself, irregardless of how the consumer feels?

Should we trust Microsoft so quickly, so easily again?

Let’s talk. Do it here: The official Gamesthirst reality check hall.

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  • rpatricky

    I’m sure it was their plan all along, but it backfired big time. As for trust…people still buy games that EA and Activision publish so I’m sure MS won’t be hurting as bad as we all may think. They are all the same and Sony really isn’t all that different, they just played it smarter this time. Really, I don’t trust any of them, but I still buy their stuff.

  • ernicegilbert

    Good points Patrick, good points!

  • Tom

    No we should not trust them

  • Ghost250


  • Dave Silverman

    Definitly NOT! Microsoft follows the dollar sign like like a hungery pup does the the scent of food with one difference, Microsoft is a LOT more vicious about it, They WILL find a way to get their money back and don,t ever think differently!

  • Not_A_PC_Gamer

    The reason why MS won’t be hurting is because not enough gamers possess a backbone, principles, morality and self awareness. Gamers are indeed stupid for trusting those clowns. They deserve to fail IMO.

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