Monday, September 1, 2014
Sony Responds To #PS4UsedGames, #PS4NoDRM Twitter Campaigns

Sony Responds To #PS4UsedGames, #PS4NoDRM Twitter Campaigns

Your voices are being heard, gamers. Sony is paying attention – and although the executives who responded to PlayStation fans around the world, who are waging a successful campaign on twitter to stop the company from implementing used game-blocking DRM (Digital Rights Management) into PS4, they did make known that they’re listening, and are taking the issue seriously.

Said John Koller, the head of Sony Hardware Marketing:

Here’s Nick Accordino, an SCEA producer:


PlayStation Software Product Development Head Scott Rohdes shared his thoughts:

Finally, Sony senior business development manager Shadid Kamal Ahmed:

It’s happening all over the internet now, and I’m glad I took action last night. Websites big and small are joining the campaign started just last night by a NeoGAF user dubbed famousmortimer, and the hashtags he created, #PS4UsedGames and #PS4NoDRM have taken off and are trending high.

Be sure to join the cause, folks, this is serious. Let these companies know that we, the consumers, won’t drink anything they decide to feed us. Instead, we’ll demand what we want – because at the end of the day, we are the ones spending the cash.

So head to twitter, use the above hashtags and respectively let your voices be heard.

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