Friday, September 5, 2014
Screenshots Of New Prince Of Persia Leaked

Screenshots Of New Prince Of Persia Leaked

Games Developer Climax Studios seems to be working on the next Prince of Persia game, as numerous screenshots of what appears to be the main protagonist of series scaling familiar locals was seen on the developer’s site. They’ve since been removed but you can check them out for yourself below, and come up with your own conclusions. We think they’re pretty convincing.

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  • chris

    Prince looks very weird in white clothes,it’s a very dumb decision to wear white as you would get easily detected.

    Pictures look nice but most pictures are of the same location.

  • Ramees

    Yes i agree in white cloth he looking weird ..pop unforgaton sand cloth way beautiful then this new 1

  • Sanu Saha

    I think the Screen Wallpaper is taken from Prince of Persia Shadow & Flames ( For IOS )