Monday, June 3, 2013
Sony Stock Soars 11 Percent, Xperia Z Tops Japan Charts

Sony Stock Soars 11 Percent, Xperia Z Tops Japan Charts

Sony is seeing a resurgence as of late, as the company’s stock saw an 11 percent increase after Daiwa Securities
raised its rating to ‘buy’ from ‘neutral’.

Daiwa Securities believes the company could become profitable in fiscal 2014 due to strong smartphone sales. The stock closed at an 11-month high of 1,668 yen, and was the main board’s most traded stock by turnover. Japan’s business daily Nikkei reported that the Xperia Z, a new smartphone model Sony launched last month, was the top-selling model in Japan for four straight weeks.

It’s also important to note that Sony’s new boss Kaz Hirai has been slimming down the company by selling shares in some of its holdings, and have sold two of its buildings, netting billions.

Via Reuters.

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  • Ghost250

    kaz hirai has been kicking ass since he became CEO. note that howard stringer retiring made sony’s stock rise to percent also. which is a good thing since howard stringer is one the worst CEO’s next to steve balmer.

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    Steve Ballmer needs to go yes. LOL. But yeah, Kaz has been really doing an awesome job!

  • benzo

    Glad things are looking up for Sony as a company!!

  • Alex Mason

    PS Vita soars in Japan, Sony Phones soar in Japan, now Kaz fix those TVs man.

  • linglingjr

    I really do want to get rid of my galaxy s3 that I picked up in December and get one of these. A lot of people hate samsung for releasing a s4 that is so close to the S3 with no new features and a similar design. Just better specs. Samsung seems to becoming apple (thats what people think) and I hate it so much.

  • foxton

    ive had this phone for nearly 4 weeks now linglingjr
    awesome phone but the battery is completely pants!!!

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