Thursday, January 29, 2015
Quenchables: Ubisoft Says Wii U Needs A Price Cut

Quenchables: Ubisoft Says Wii U Needs A Price Cut

When asked if he’d welcome a price cut, Corre told us: “Always. We always want the hardware to be at a low price because we want as many fans as possible to afford to buy our games, so that’s for sure. We think that Wii U will find its public at some point. Some were expecting sales to be quicker but we are optimistic.” – Ubisoft’s executive director for EMEA territories Alain Corre, via Edge-Online.

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  • nick

    they want a lower price, does not mean it NEEDS a lower price!
    the price of the system is fine, its lack of games, and especially lack of first party games is its problem!
    i bought a wiiu on launch, played zombiu for a few weeks, got the shits with it because its so CHEAP!
    and not to mention buggy, like skyrim on ps3 buggy!
    and i havent touched it since!
    o, besides to download and play the rayman ledgends demo, which is restricted to a certain amount of plays.
    its a demo, i should be able to play it as many times as i want!
    point is the price is not the problem with the wiiu, its WAY more powerful than current systems, it has a VERY expensive tablet controller, and its STILL only 50 bucks more than the ps3 if you go for the deluxe edition!
    in fact its CHEAPER than the 3G vita, how the hell is it too expensive!?
    the problem is the same problem every device has, games.
    from launch in november, till november this year, a space of 12 months, ill bet i would have purchased and bought 3 games for the system!
    mario which is out, zombiu which is out, and the HD remake of that zelda game which im hoping will be out by chrissy this year.
    3 games in 1 year!
    nah, price is totally the problem…………


    Nintendo has to problems with the Wii U. One the price for what it offers and two there is no games. I bought mine in December and bought two games. There hasn’t been any new games in 4 months. Four months with no games.