Monday, January 26, 2015
Dead Space Franchise Still In Trouble

Dead Space Franchise Still In Trouble

While EA tries to cast doubt on the Videogamer report that the Dead Space franchise has been laid to rest, and that the entirety of Visceral Montreal has been shuttered, Game Informer has caught wind of the news by a former employee, corroborating the Videogamer story that every single person at the aforementioned studio has been made redundant.

A former employee at Visceral Montreal who has asked to remain anonymous has confirmed that the entire studio has been let go. Earlier today an EA representative confirmed that EA Montreal had been subject to layoffs, but wouldn’t comment on the extent of the firings or which studios were affected. GI’s source’s comments fall in line with earlier rumors that Visceral Montreal has been closed entirely following the completion of The Devil’s Cartel.

On Dead Space, the word still isn’t clear as to what’s going on there. Following the reports of the developer being shuttered, EA was lambasted by gamers the world over on forums, and the publisher speedily sent out word that the story was “patently” false. But that’s not so true in and of itself, because there’s a lot of confusion about the story. EA, however, told Game Informer that Visceral Redwood Shores is part of its long-term strategy, however I can’t help but ask if they’re only saying this because of the negativity that has consumed the internet over EA’s decisions.

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  • nick

    this has what to do with dead space?
    visceral montreal made devils cartel, and consisted of mostly the developers of the team who did the original 2 army games, with a few people from DS.
    montreal has never touched DS, so how does there closing do anything to the BS story of dead space being canned?