Thursday, July 3, 2014
Epic Games On PS4: Sony Has The Ideal Next Generation Platform

Epic Games On PS4: Sony Has The Ideal Next Generation Platform

PS4 has been garnering a lot of praise from developers, with the latest being Epic Games’ Founder and CEO Tim Sweeney.

Speaking to IGN in a ‘developers react to PS4′ piece, Sweeney said Sony took the best parts of PC and forged it with custom hardware to build a system that takes gaming to the next level, while making development an ease for game creators.

The PlayStation 4 is a leading-edge hardware platform, and its enormous CPU, GPU and memory resources enables Unreal Engine 4 to reach levels of visual quality and detail that go far beyond the current generation, for games of all sizes and genres.

The features and effects in our new “Elemental” demo on PlayStation 4 are just the tip of the iceberg, showing dynamic lighting and shadowing, subsurface scattering and GPU-powered particle effects at full 1080p resolution.

As the developers of the Unreal Engine, we’re passionate about not only building great games, but building them efficiently. PlayStation 4 builds upon PC technology and takes it to the next level, providing a very robust and easy-to-use development environment.

The console sees a launch later this year, but the only confirmed region for launch is the United States. Sony, however, is hoping Europe and Japan could get it at the same time. Canada usually sees the console the same time as the U.S.

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  • nick

    right, so the specs you would get out of a 2 year old 500 dollar laptop is perfect for next gen?
    the guys gone mad!

    so thats why the demo shown at the systems reveal was actually a cut down version of the one shown at E3?
    a few days after the event there was a analysis of the demo running and found far lower particle effects and post processing techniques than what was shown last year!
    of course epic is going to say this, the future of their company partially relies on the ps4!
    if they say it sucks they can kiss a good 30 % of their customers goodbye!
    not to mention developers who would license out the engine.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    That’s nonsense Nick. I’ve heard differently.

  • nick

    sure dude, your the one who has had 6 years with programming engineering and hardware design.
    whatever, no point arguing to a deaf mule!
    ps4 IS a outdated machine, FACT!
    im done.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Nick, just because you have some experience under belt, that doesn’t mean you know everything. Surely the folks at Digital Foundry and the guy I linked to know what they’re saying….
    And they’re saying PS4 is a beast, and has advantages one can’t find on a PC. It’s that simple!