Saturday, December 20, 2014
Final Fantasy X HD Remains A Thing – Footage, Screenshots Inside

Final Fantasy X HD Remains A Thing – Footage, Screenshots Inside

Square-Enix hasn’t abandoned Final Fantasy X for PS Vita, it seems, as new footage surfaced at Sony’s PS Vita event in Japan, including some screenshots we’ve included below the break.

The game was announced back in 2011 at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS), but went cold thereafter, causing many to ask questions.

No release date was released, though, not much details either. Hopefully we’ll know more soon.



First footage, courtesy GamingEverything:

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  • Ghost250

    it looks really good probably one of the few reasons i’m going to buy a vita when this game comes out. though i gotta say where in HELL is final fantasy Type-0. i hope square releases it for the vita, that game im dying to play but they never released here in the U.S.. hell while they’re at it, why not make a upgraded version of crisis core and put it on the vita with trophies.

    – Crisis Core
    – FFX HD
    – FF Type-0

    all of them would sell me on a vita right now, though i guess square would be too smart to think of something like that these days.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    You’re right.. Beats me why SE don’t put said titles on the console… They seem like obvious picks if you ask me!