Sunday, February 1, 2015
Sony Japan Cutting 2,000 Jobs, Hopes To Save $378 million A Year

Sony Japan Cutting 2,000 Jobs, Hopes To Save $378 million A Year

As Sony struggles to restructure, the firm has announced that it’ll be cutting 2,000 jobs in Japan by the end of 2012 through what it’s calling “early retirement”.

Through these job cuts, Sony says it’ll save about ¥30 billion ($378 million) a year across all divisions.

According to company, these changes are necessary to “revitalize and grow” its electronics business, adding that it’s been “progressively implementing various structural reform measures to optimize costs, streamline overall organization, accelerate decision-making processes and establish firm foundations for sustainable future growth”.

Sony reported a loss of $312 million in Q1 2012, with $45 million of that amount coming from its gaming division.

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  • rpatricky

    Start by stopping the thought that everything you make should come with gold level prices. With less expensive alternatives out there (that are just as good, if not better) Sony needs to wake up and maybe they can make a directional change to get back on top.

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    Ahhh damn it I have the feels for the 2000 people who are going to lose their jobs. Wish they find some jobs at Nintendo.

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    I just found out that this isn’t the only numbers, the actually plan to lay off 10,000.

    That is just screwed up Sony.

  • nick

    too little too late im afraid.
    $ony needs to get their priorities straight!
    they have too many fingers in too many pies, they really need to stop trying to be jack of all trades master of none, and go back to jack of few trades, master of one.
    drop the phone line its going nowhere, just costing you money!
    drop the headphone and speakers lines there going nowhere, just costing money!
    send developments of TVs back from china and tiwan back to japan, and bring back that famous quality bravias back!
    $ony use to be known as the best TV manufacture out there, now their one of the worst!
    $ony has a big reputation, a big name in TVs and gaming so that is where their focous should be!
    once your swimming in money like they were last gen than you can try to get fingers in every pie, but for now the company has been bleeding money for 6 years, the ps3s development cost a bomb and it has not exactly been the success the ps2 was!
    $ony has been spending money like its out of fashion, and there really starting to pay for it now.
    they need to stop trying to be what they were, wake up and realize they are not in the position they use to be, and focus on things that will net them the most cash.
    they will never be able to compete in the mobile market, its too cluttered.
    nokia one of the worlds biggest most famous mobile brands is struggling, and they ONLY make phones, so how the hell is $ony, a company who has .1% of the phone reputation of nokia, and has their fingers in every pie, suppose to compete?
    same goes for speakers, how are they suppose to compete with yamaha, kenwood, pioneer, bose, and then the real high end companies like B&W or bang and olfsen?
    $ony seriously needs to stop this silly delusion, these divisions are only costing them their future there is no future for them in the mobile and speaker market!
    problem is there in denial, there too arrogant and egotistical to realise and understand there not the company they use to be.
    they refuse to understand and refuse to believe the great god $ony cant compete with others, in these markets.
    its time to wake up, smell the cheese, get your head out of your a$$, and admit defeat!