Saturday, December 20, 2014
Pete Hines: “missing DLC our problem”

Pete Hines: “missing DLC our problem”

Pete Hines, vice president of public relations and marketing at Bethesda, tweeted about Skyrim’s DLC status, seeing how the latest, Hearthfire DLC has been released on the PC, but the first one still is missing on the PS3.

“We’ve never blamed anyone or anything,” Hines said. “It’s our problem, and it’s on us to solve it.”

He later went on to add that neither Dawnguard nor Hearthfire are stable enough to release on the platform.

“The performance isn’t good enough in all cases,” he added. “For most folks, it’d be fine. For some, it wouldn’t be.”

To remind you folks, Pete Hines is the gentleman who also said this, prior to Skyrim’s rocky launch on both consoles.

“Yes, PS3 and 360 have reached a good place of parity….framerate, fidelity, etc. The PS3 version is getting a ton of attention”

Bethesda does not admit defeat, because, definitely, it can’t be the console’s fault. Their Gamebryo engine has proven time and again with the Fallout games, and now with Skyrim, that it needs vast upgrades and it doesn’t feel like a current-gen engine anymore. Almost a year later, Playstation 3 players, myself included, still can’t play the game because of huge bugs (sometimes related to core quests, requiring you to start over again and throw all these hours down the drain) and performance issues.

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