Monday, December 22, 2014
Xbox 360 Gets Timed Resident Evil 6 DLC

Xbox 360 Gets Timed Resident Evil 6 DLC

Xbox 360 gamers will receive timed-exclusive access to three Resident Evil 6 game modes once the game’s launched on October 2nd.

According to the official Resident Evil 6 page on

3 new modes exclusive to Xbox 360 coming soon. Microsoft will announce 3 timed exclusive modes for Capcom’s Resident Evil 6 available after the game’s release on 2nd October. Further details TBC.

It’s not clear as to what exactly the modes will be, how much the DLC will cost, and if PS3 gamers will get any exclusive perks of their own. Watch the game’s latest trailer dubbed hope here.

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  • nick

    $ony SERIOUSLY needs to get a handle on this next gen!
    its becoming ridiculous the amount of games M$ gets timed or exclusive content on!
    almost come to the point where i dont want to order games for the ps3 anymore.
    either their buggy as hell IE bayonetta and skyrim, or you have to wait or totally miss out on DLC.
    or worse, both!