Thursday, December 18, 2014
Bethesda Tells PS3 Owners Dishonored Is Not Buggy

Bethesda Tells PS3 Owners Dishonored Is Not Buggy

So the one publisher that’s treated PS3 owners like, forgive my English, bastards this generation is now promising the same crowd that its latest game is worth their time because said game isn’t buggy. Should we believe them?

Time and time again, Bethesda’s proven that it either hates PS3 owners, or Sony. How else would you explain Dawnguard DLC not being released on PS3 because of “technical reasons”? How then would be explain all the Fallout games being the worst on PS3? And how then would you justify The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim still being an unplayable experience to many PS3 owners, including Games Thirst user Benzo?

So, should we trust Bethesda when it says:

Dishonored runs very well on PS3. Press have been playing it all month at QuakeCon, Gamescom, and here at PAX. Ask all the press playing the PS3 version if you don’t believe me.

Well, should we?

It’s your call but I, for one, can’t seem to move away from the fence. Bethesda’s got a lot of work to do if it wants to regain my trust.

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  • benzo

    I agree with you EG, Bethesda was one of my favorite publishers before all these bad PS3 versions of their games hit. Even though Dishonored looks like it will be a great game, I think I’m going to pass. To echo EG and other GT users,Bethesda has a lot of work to do to regain my trust and my $$$. I mean I have a 360, but PS3 is my preferred platform. May pick it up used at a store or on craigslist….that way Bethesda gets not a dime from me.

  • nick

    has nothing to do with bugthesdas usual BS because there not the ones making the game!
    only in house games are buggy as hell, games not made by them only published always end up fine, if not better, on the ps3!
    RAGE for instance actually runs better on the ps3 than it does 360!

  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    Nick, still, Bethesda has to QA test it. They’re publishing it… And the PS3 version of New Vegas, developed by Obsidian, would like to have a word with you.

    On topic, I’ll let Bethesda’s Pete Hines’ words speak on my behalf:

  • nick

    obsidians other games would also like to have a word with you.
    obsidian ALWAYS make buggy games so fallout new vegas was nothing new!
    fact of the matter is most of the games that bugthesda has PUBLISHED this gen and not DEVELOPED have actually ran fine on ps3!

  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    Your point doesn’t nullify mine; Rogue Warrior also was broken on all platforms. Point being, Bethesda can’t develop proper games on the PS3 (mostly) and generally, and the QA department checking games they publish and not develop drafts people straight out of kindergarten.