Sunday, January 25, 2015
Battlefield 3: Armored DLC Coming September 4th For PS3 Premium Users

Battlefield 3: Armored DLC Coming September 4th For PS3 Premium Users

Finally, a solid release date has been given the latest Battlefield 3 map pack dubbed Armored Kill, however those who play on PS3, and have purchased the premium package, will be playing a full two weeks before everyone else, and for some, every three.

PS3 Premium members starts the all-out vehicle war on September 4th, before the DLC make its way to premium players on other platforms on September 11th. It comes to regular PS3 Battlefield 3 owners on September 18th, and on September 25th for PC and Xbox 360 owners.


Armored Kill Details:

– Armored Kill will have 5 new drivable vehicles including mobile artillery, tank destroyers and ATVs

– There will be over 20 vehicle specific unlocks.

– Players will be able to spawn in and fire from the all-new gunship.

– We will be introducing the Tank Superiority game mode where tank pilots and infantry will have to use all their skills to control key points of the maps. More details to come!

– The console player cap will stay at 24 players. Players can expect to have a great time on these maps as we are custom tailoring the new Armored Kill maps with these parameters in mind.

Via Battlefield.

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  • Mezzo

    Look’s really good, since i’ve Got Premium i will definitely download it & invest a couple of hours in it.
    Though i am completely over BF3, i need MOH & Black Ops soon so me and ‘The Great Maestro’ can switch.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yesir! :D

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    Could anyone share Premium with a games-thirster? :)

  • scareface1970

    Maby i’m later then the rest but i try to get my Battlefield3 1.06 patch on my PS3 but i said more then 550 min to download. MAN what going on with this patch. Its not my network thats fine and fast but i can’t play with this patch to download :(