Saturday, December 20, 2014
Quenchables: Games Industry Is Too Conservative – David Cage

Quenchables: Games Industry Is Too Conservative – David Cage

“The games industry is very conservative. Each time you try something different you need to explain, evangelise and give a lot of effort just to get people to go past their current expectations.

There will still be people who haven’t played Heavy Rain who think it’s a long movie with a couple of prompts, like Dragon’s Lair. I did promotion of Heavy Rain for two years and I tried to explain Heavy Rain, I showed it and I made demos.

I said, ‘Look, you are in control all the time. It’s not Dragon’s Lair, you’re in control.’ But people didn’t get it, or they thought, ‘Oh, my character doesn’t have a gun so I don’t know how I can interact. – David Cage, speaking to VG247.

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  • nick

    ok dude you have made your point, move the f*&^ on!
    101 interviews per day of him bitching every game has to have a gun in it!
    problem is hes had it so easy!
    $ony has been kissing his feet for so long, hes never been in a situation like 38 studios where his game sells well or his studio closes down!
    lets see you go bankrupt dude than lets see how too conservative the industry is.