Sunday, February 1, 2015
Resident Evil 6 Receives Web Service

Resident Evil 6 Receives Web Service

It was announced at Gamescom by Capcom that the highly-anticipated Resident Evil 6 will be receiving a web service to enhance the experience. The free web service named, will function as a stat tracker and social community, much like Battlefield’s Battlelog or Halo’s Halo Waypoint.

This webservice was created by Capcom in order to give players an incentive to complete the game. In an interview with The Verge over the service, Resident Evil 6 director, Elichiro Sasaki, explained

The impetus for Resident Evil.Net is that we realized a lot of people purchase games and never complete them. We were trying to figure out how we could get people to enjoy the game from start to finish. I can’t get into specifics on actual numbers for Resident Evil 5 completion. We did research and it was less than we expected, which was surprising to us. Sometimes people get stuck in the game and tend to give up. RE.Net is the solution to that. If we notice that people are stopping at a certain time we can create awards or some motivation to move them beyond that point of the game.”

To combat this issue, will use data from the various campaigns in the game, and create community challenges focused on campaigns that people are having the most challenge in. As an incentive for these challenges, players will be able to unlock in-game items. Other features of includes reports of player’s performances from the game’s numerous modes and campaigns, and also the ability to compare their stats with friends.

In order to access the site players will need to create a Capcom Unity account, although a more basic version will be available over Twitter and Facebook. There will also be versions of the service for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone mobile devices.

Here are a few pictures of the service:

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  • nick

    eh, do we really need this?
    the money that goes into setting these up, hiring moderators, hiring servers, all the expenses of cost and time, is it really worth it?
    for a game like battlefield you cant live without it, but for RE!?
    that money would of been WAY better off put towards a RE title for the vita, and of course bring it back to the old series survival horror roots!

  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    There was a RE Portable for the PSP… was. Wonder what happened to it. I’d even get ORC for the Vita, if they can’t bother with something new.