Saturday, January 31, 2015
Team Fortress 2 Introduces Third Faction

Team Fortress 2 Introduces Third Faction

As teased last week, Valve has revealed the third faction of Team Fortress 2 – the Gray team. The Gray faction is a team comprised of robots designed after each of the game’s existing classes. With the introduction of this new team also comes a new co-operative game mode, Mann vs. Machine. This mode is akin to Horde mode, featuring a team of six players as they protect a Mann Co. stronghold against an endless army of robots who will try to deploy a bomb.

In between rounds players will be able to upgrade their weapons and abilities, and if one is skilled enough to survive all of the waves they will be rewarded with loot. New achievements will also be added. There is one map announced thus far, but since its name is “Mannworks Map 01,” it’s safe to assume there will be more added later.

Here is the announcement video below:

Mann vs. Machine will be live on August 15th. Thoughts on the announcement? Comment below!

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