Saturday, January 31, 2015
Sources: Wii U Launch Delayed Across Europe

Sources: Wii U Launch Delayed Across Europe

In America, Wii U will see a launch before Thanksgiving, the same went for Europe in Nintendo’s original plan, but because of a “manufacturing nightmare”, the console won’t see a launch the latter region until Christmas, according to a CVG report.

The key problem is with manufacturing Wii U’s Gamepad, a revolutionary game controller with screen bigger handheld consoles at 6.2 inches, a front-facing camera, motion-sensing and Near field communication technologies, its own power supply and the promise that it will be completely wireless.

Nintendo has yet to comment on the report, however as soon as the firm does, we’ll update this post.

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  • nick

    as long as its available worldwide by chrissy it does not really matter!
    in fact ninty would be better off releasing it a little later simply because everyones going to be blowing all their cash on the big releases!