Monday, December 22, 2014
Just Cause 2 Mutiplayer has Open Beta for the Weekend

Just Cause 2 Mutiplayer has Open Beta for the Weekend

For those who own Just Cause 2 on the PC, there will be an open beta for JC2-MP (Just Cause 2 Multiplayer) this weekend. The beta will be running the 0.0.4 build, which features added weapon sync, animation sync, and 2,100 vehicle spawns. The start time begins on Saturday [6PM AEST] [4AM EDT] [1AM PDT] [10AM CET] [8AM GMT], and will last 48 hours.

If you haven’t heard of the mod, JC2-MP adds a multiplayer component to sandbox game Just Cause 2. With the player cap being six hundred players at once, it can lead to some pretty intense interactions with other players.

Here is a showcase of crazy events that occurred during one of the beta builds:

In order to access JC2-MP, you must download it from the mod’s website during public beta testing. Here is the twitter account of the mod, which also announces public beta testing times.

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  • nick

    unbelievable how JC2 has taken off!
    i never saw this coming, i mean you look at all the games out there, they really dont have the community support and interest this does!
    its amazing, literally anything you can think of theres already a mod for!
    i love using trainers and refilling my C4 supply to blow up silos.
    or even wreak havoc at the mile high club!
    by far one of THE best games on PC!
    cant wait till JC3 comes out, we all know its coming as a next gen title so hurry up and announce it $E!
    in fact im more excited for sleeping dogs, JC3 than i am mafia 3, GTAV, and saints row 4 put together!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  •!/Beta_Beast Martin Zamora

    Yea, it is pretty crazy! I remember a few years ago when the game was being previewed and they showed off the grappling hook. I was like, “Wow, that looks like it’d be fun to just toy around with.” I also just assumed this game had multiplayer, it just seemed like a game that would be perfect for it, and I was wrong obviously. But, that’s why I love PC gaming, gotta love mods!