Friday, January 30, 2015
Torchlight II Quadruple the Size of Original

Torchlight II Quadruple the Size of Original

Dungeon crawler Torchlight II, developed by Runic Games, is cracking up to be that rare sequel that surpasses the original. From the inclusion to multiplayer, customizable characters, and the unique monsters and weapons, everything is being revamped to outshine the praised original. To give you an idea of the scale, this picture was created to show the differences between Torchlight II and Torchlight:

In regards to the scale of Torchlight II, Travis Baldree, a founder of Runic Games, declared

Torchlight II is close to 4x the scale of Torchlight 1 as far as assets go, and probably close to that as far as playtime. Ideally, the multiplayer that everyone has asked for will further increase the longevity of the game (we certainly hope so!) These are all new assets as well ( some monsters and weapons return from Torchlight, but they have all been recreated, or in the case of some individual weapons and shields, updated and repainted).”

As someone who was a part of the short beta (and loved it), I am excited for its release and already have it pre-ordered. Expect a review from me soon after its release. For those interested in purchasing, Torchlight II is available to pre-order on Steam for $20, which comes with the original Torchlight as a bonus. The game is set to release “Summer 2012″ on PC and Mac.

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