Friday, December 19, 2014
Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Will Perform Poorly At Retail – Analyst

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Will Perform Poorly At Retail – Analyst

According to US firm Cowen, because of Medal Of Honor 2010’s poor quality, the incoming game, dubbed MOH: Warfighter will underperform at retail.

That’s what Doug Creutz of Cowen believes, amplifying the situation was the game’s lackluster showing at E3, he added.

Creutz formally estimated the upcoming game would move 2.3 million units from its release on October 26th until December 2012. However he readjusted his estimates to 1.4 million during the same period.

According to Creutz, “This is based on a very soft performance since E3 in Amazon’s top-selling game rankings compared to other recent titles. We think the most likely culprit for apparent gamer disinterest is the poor quality of the last ‘Medal of Honor’ game in 2010.”

Are you excited about Warfighter? Will you buy it? Share your thoughts.

Via Forbes.

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  • TheGrimOfDeath

    I might buy it, the game demo shows that the game is still linear. The only compelling thing that might push me to buy it is the single player campaign story. This time I might first buy COD BO2 for the first time that I ever buy a COD game. But there are many other games such as the PS Vita games I want to buy, but the money is going to hurt my wallet. Oh yeah Ernice I

  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    I’m pumped for Warfighter. It’s the FPS that seriously put me into FPSes. I played Doom, Wolfenstein, Quake and all, but I just played them and was done with it. But Medal of Honor, especially Underground, was what made me look at the FPS games in a more favorable fashion.

    The reboot was fantastic, in my opinion, because it was a very well-made REBOOT. People wanted a Call of Duty clone so they bash it, but were sad when MoH proved them wrong, so they picked on: not-so-good graphics (MW2 picked 10’s all over…), many set pieces (MW2 had no problem with that either…), recoil is not very different between weapons (as if MW2’s is any more…), and the online battles require much more tactic, and in my experience, can’t be run-and-gunned. I will be very glad if Warfighter sells over 2 million copies in retail, just so these hypocrites can get back to where they came from.

  • benzo

    The last MoH was not poor quality,it just wasnt Black Ops. Im with Chirstos on the fact that the reboot was well made,and basically didnt sell millions due to the current COD obsession. MoH will be a solid game just like the first was. I look for more destruction and a better looking game with the Frostbite engine. MoH before COD for me!

  • nick

    how was it poor quality?
    the game may of been short as hell, but its by far THE best military shooter we have seen this gen!
    exactly why im so pissed about warfighter, simply because its removing everything that made the reboot so freaking awesome!
    EA said it themselves, a low percentage of MoH players played BF3 because they prefer the more realistic tone of MoH.
    so that is exactly why there turning it into a COD wannabe!
    one of the many, many reasons why EA is my most hated company!
    its not bad enough that there turning their games into everyone elses, they have the audacity to lie about it!
    dont sell me a outhouse and tell me its a mansion!
    theres nothing in this world that pisses me off more than when companies treat their fans like idiots!
    its the ULTIMATE insult!
    as the saying goes, dont patronise me!