Friday, January 30, 2015
Playstation Home: details on intriguing new game

Playstation Home: details on intriguing new game

A post on the European Playstation Blog details a brand new game on Playstation Home. Sony’s PS3 built-in, free, huge social platform got a very sweet new, free-to-play cover shooter from VeeMee on the 21st of June. Taking place in a land that has “known only war for decades”, No Man’s Land plays like your average shooter, nothing ground-breaking. Survival is a focus of the game, with the enemies being other survivors who place their need for survival above the question whether they should shoot you on sight or not.

No Man’s Land is a multiplayer, third-person tactical cover shooter, featuring 4-on-4 battles. However, the cover system is not of the usual style. To move in NML, you will have to point to another piece of cover, and press a button, to make your soldier run towards it – there’s no free movement, to prevent the game from becoming the typical run-and-gun shooter you’d expect. After completing the game’s tutorial, you will be gifted access to the Drydock map and a starter loadout, with more armor and weapon upgrades becoming available later on. Those will be developed even after the game has launched.

Concerning the cover system, which might have left you with a question mark above your head, VeeMee has also provided some additional information. You can queue additional cover moves or interrupt any move at any time to divert to another cover position. As the dev says, “this results in players making frantic dashes between pieces of cover, often taking evasive action when under fire, so they can reach the relative safety of the next cover point. It means players have to think ahead: where they want to be, which direction they want to shoot from, and where their teammates are.” This will encourage working as a team, and to me, sounds good enough until I test it out myself.

Customization will be based on your avatar; you take your avatar itself into the game, strap it with armour, and throw it into the gunfight and wish it luck. Armor variants include added weight or damage absorption, while also allowing for cross-variant dressing. For example, medium armor for everything but the head, which will have heavy armor.  There’s also a four-weapon inventory system, which also gives you access to different types of grenades. VeeMee states that customization means a lot to them, so expect a lot of it to appear in the game.

Lastly, you are wondering what game modes will be available. Scavengers and Team Deathmatch is the answer. The former plays like Capture the Flag, while the latter is self-explanatory. You will have to steal resources, all that’s left in that world now, and bring them to the base, while also killing enemy carriers and stealing their goodies.

A video follows, showcasing the good graphics the game sports, and a Combat Tutorial, which will answer most of your questions regarding the interesting movement/cover system. Give the game a shot if you get on Home, it’s free, and looking good!

[youtube id=”_l3Um452ixc” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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