Thursday, January 29, 2015
Wii U’s Tablet Controller And Xbox’s SmartGlass Are Fads – Crytek

Wii U’s Tablet Controller And Xbox’s SmartGlass Are Fads – Crytek

Here today, gone tomorrow.

That’s according to Crysis 3’s lead producer Mike Read, speaking to CVG. He said the whole idea that gamers will fall in love with playing games on a second screen is not where next generation is headed. He believes Microsoft and Nintendo’s ideas are “novelties”, arguing that cloud is where the future is.

“In terms of the dual screen stuff, I personally believe it’s a bit of a novelty at this point,” Read told the site.

“If I would to have to point at anything that really moves into next gen, I think it’s cloud gaming.”

Read went on to discuss a comparison between the Wii and Wii U he’s not sure Nintendo recognized. “One thing I really love about the Wii, and I’m not sure Nintendo even realised this when it launched, is that the Wii’s demographic was between the age of six to 60,” he said.

“I would gladly give a Wii controller to my three year-old to play that game, but when I saw the Wii U controller I thought, I’m not sure if I’d give that to my child to play with, that’s an expensive piece of hardware.”

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  • nick

    just because cloud gaming is the future of next gen, which its not, ISPs wont be up to spec soon enough.
    but even if it is, why does that mean dual screens cant be?
    cloud will be the way we get our games, dual screens will be the way we play our games!
    its not a fad, it makes things SO much easier!
    it opens up so many possabilities, you dont need a TV so if the family wants to watch a movie it does not mean you have to turn it off.
    you can have a HUD less display which really adds to the immersion, and makes things so much easier to use.
    or you can use it to give you allot more information like what M$ demonstrated at E3.
    this is the one thing created this gen that is not a gimmick!