Thursday, January 29, 2015
If There’s A Darksiders 3, It’ll Be Smaller Than The Second Game

If There’s A Darksiders 3, It’ll Be Smaller Than The Second Game

Darksiders II, when released, will be one massive game. In fact, the title’s so big that each of its four zones are equivalent in size to the entirety of the first game. If there is a third outing, however, it’ll be smaller but more detailed.

It was Darksiders II lead designer Haydn Dalton who relayed the news to Videogamer.

“The only people who can really shape if we do [another] Darksiders or not is basically the public,” he said.

“If we come out and it does really well then I think it’s really compelling; we can’t not come out and maybe do something else in the Darksiders franchise.

If Jason’s [Rubin, President, THQ] sat there and we go and sell 4 or 5 million units, I’m pretty sure he won’t say, ‘Let’s go and do something different now’. Maybe what he might do is turn around and say, ‘We’ll do another Darksiders game, but we’ll try and reduce the scope so that we can make it even higher polished’. Because our scope is huge. Maybe he says, ‘Bring the scope down a little bit, we’ll still do another game but it’s a lot more focused’. That’s not such a bad thing to do either.”

Dalton added: “It depends on how much the reduction of the scope is, right? We’ve done a huge world in this one, but [though] reducing the size of the world might be seen as a big impact from a player point of view, you know what, we might do a lot more interaction within the world if the world was smaller.

And there might be even more polish, there might be a lot more animated things in the environment and a lot more detail or destruction or whatever it might be in the world because of a reduce in size. Rather than doing sheer square-footage, it’s more like what can you do in less room by focusing on it, and depth [and] interaction within a smaller environment.

Initially it seems like if you make it smaller that’s not as good. Well, that’s not necessarily true. Quantity is not about quality. Just because you make something bigger doesn’t mean it’s better. That’s something people are saying to us: ‘You keep quoting about size’. I tend to not really go on about the physical size of the world so much because it’s more about what you’re doing within that area that’s important to me.”

Darksiders II sees a release in August for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. A Wii U version will be available once the console is launched.

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  • nick

    they HAVE to do another darksiders game!
    darksiders ended on a cliffhanger, and this starts and ends where the first left off but with a different character.
    so the only way were going to get a proper ending to darksiders is if they do another one.
    i hope they do too, i really dont like the changed combat of death.
    the only thing that made darksiders so freaking awesome was the slow heavy paced combat.
    especially wars weapon, it felt massive and heavy like you were striking enemies with a razor sharp mountain!
    death is the complete opposite hes so much faster and allot more acrobatic, hes the complete polar opposite of war!
    i really hope they go back and do another game with war, he just looked so much better than what death does!