You’ll Be Better Able To Relate To Kratos In God Of War: Ascension

_God Of War Ascension

Kratos is the kind of guy that no one understands. He’s wicked, doesn’t really think of nothing but killing his enemies, and feels no remorse. The god-slayer is known to be emotionless, will he be the same in God of War: Ascension? No, game director Todd Papy told Game Informer, Kratos will be “likable”.

Papy said although Kratos is still somewhat ruthless in Ascension, but there’s a “side to him that you could somewhat relate to, and that’s something I wanted to get across.”

“The whole idea behind the story is more, ‘how do you undo selling your soul to the devil?’ In essence, that is the question that we are answering in this story,” Papy continued.

“Where does Kratos pick up roughly six months to a year after he killed his wife and kid? What’s his mental state? It’s not a very pleasant one.”

God Of War: Ascension sees a release in March 2013 exclusively on PS3.

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  1. nick July 25, 2012 at 6:17 am -

    ill believe it when i see it!

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