Monday, September 1, 2014
Final Fantasy Versus 13 Not Canned After All

Final Fantasy Versus 13 Not Canned After All

Square Enix president Yoichi Wada has moved to denounce rumors that Final Fantasy Versus 13 has been cancelled, a rumor first reported by Kotaku, leaving fans with only questions to ask, and harsh words to deliver.

The executive took to twitter explaining that he attended a regular meeting just yesterday on the game’s progress, adding that fans would be surprised to see how the RPG’s been coming along. Wada called the rumor a “hoax”, and spoke specifically about Versus 13′s city setting. He did not, however, give any other specifics, as to when we’ll hear more, far less a release date.

Final Fantasy Versus 13 was announced as a PS3 exclusive over six years ago. It seems much longer.

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  • nick

    im waiting till TGS.
    we see it there great it MIGHT eventually release!
    but if we dont, sorry $E but it is as good as dead!
    so if you really are planing on releasing it, i sudgest you get your ass in gear and get a trailer, or even better a live gameplay demo ready for TGS!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I’d love to see it there. It’s been way too long, though. But who knows, it could be released next year.

  • nick

    NEEDS to be there!
    if its not, its officially dead!
    $ony SERIOUSLY need to light a fire under R* norths a$$ and get them to come out and give some news on agent!
    be it cancelled, delayed, or finally some gameplay!
    they need to come out and put fans ease at rest, its been far too long since we heard about it!