Thursday, January 29, 2015
Borderlands 2 Complete, Gearbox Now Working On DLC

Borderlands 2 Complete, Gearbox Now Working On DLC

Gearbox has announced that they’ve finally completed Borderlands 2, leaving them with nothing to do as the game’s gone into certification, apart from preparing DLC. Below the break see what you’ll be getting first as downloadable content.

The first batch of Borderlands 2 DLC will introduce a new character class: the Mechromancer.

The new character will be available roughly 60-90 days after the game releases. If you pre-order Borderlands 2, you’ll be part of the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club, giving you access to Mechromancer free of charge.

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  • nick

    lets just hope those testers and QA department are working overtime to find and fix all the bugs.
    borderlands 1, well, lets just leave it at its the ONLY game that has corrupted my saves.
    not to mention various other bugs.
    let alone corrupting my saves multiple times!
    suffice to say id give fallout 3 a run for its money!