Friday, January 30, 2015
It’s Official: Final Fantasy Versus 13 Is Dead

It’s Official: Final Fantasy Versus 13 Is Dead

Kotaku’s rumoring that Final Fantasy Versus 13, a game announced 6 years ago, has been cancelled.

The website has heard from “several sources” that the long-anticipated RPG, expected to be a PS3 exclusive is no more, with one source saying the decision was made in recent weeks.

Apparently Square-Enix won’t make an official announcement about the canned title in an effort to protect is stock value, instead Final Fantasy Versus 13 will simply fade away.

Talk is the game’s resources have been integrated into Final Fantasy XV, a game being developed for next generation consoles.

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  • nick

    rumour does not mean its official!
    eh, who cares though?
    we all knew we were never going to get this, and even if by some miracle we did it would end up sucking just like every FF this gen has!
    i really wish $E would stop their FF milking fest, and give us a sequel to neir!
    the closest thing to a FF we have seen this gen, and probably the closest thing we will ever see again!
    isent it amazing how when $E does new IPs they turn out brilliant, but when they do sequels its a bloody disaster?
    hmmmmmmmmm, i wonder why…………………………

  • Ernice Gilbert

    It’s dead. Dead, dead, dead.

  • nick

    not dead till $E says its dead.