Saturday, January 31, 2015
Activision Looking To Buy Itself From Vivendi

Activision Looking To Buy Itself From Vivendi

After a futile search for buyers, Vivendi is now trying to sell another of its companies, this time a Brazilian broadband firm named GVT, a deal that could be worth up to 8.5 billion euros. Meanwhile, new reports suggest Activision is interested in buying off itself from Vivendi.

Actvision is said to have hired JP Morgan and Allen & Co to offer advice. Vivendi holds a 61 percent stake in the publisher.

Reuters states that Activision CEO Bobby Kotick and others are interested in such a deal, however executing it is somewhat tricky. Activision, the videogame industry’s biggest publisher, would have to raise around $5 billion in debt to finance the deal or partner with a private equity fund.

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  • nick

    doubt they will, they will seriously struggle to gain the required funds which is exactly why vendi are selling them!
    there finally waking up and smelling the coffee.
    COD is a stagnant cow, guitar hero is dead and has been for some time, and as for blizzard well one of the industries most famous beloved games has utterly flopped!
    and as for blizzards other 2 big games, WoW, and starcraft 2, well, WoW is seeing its lowest subscriptions in the games history!
    and is loosing even more every month as bigger and better games like GW2 release.
    as for starcraft 2 its doing the best out of all of them, but it cant save the sinking ship!
    antivision has taken a MASSIVE hit over the past year!
    they use to be multiple horse and chariots carrying the castle, but now its just 1 old diseased arthritic horse dragging a castle.
    yea, cant be done!
    as the saying goes, what comes up must come down.
    took a little longer than we all expected, but there finally crashing and i must say crashing in style!
    the bigger they are, the harder they fall!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    No Nick. You have this twisted. Activision is till the most powerful publisher in the Industry. Vivendi is trying to sell the firm because they need money to pay off their bad debt. It’s hurting them. In fact they’re not trying to sell off another of their cash-rich firms. Vivendi is the problem, not Activision.

  • nick

    im the one who has it twisted?
    you do realise that besides COD, every franchise they have is bleeding money for them right?
    especially activision blizzard, theres a reason why they just cut several hundred staff!
    not to mention the closure of radical entertainment, one of antivsisions oldest studios!