Friday, January 30, 2015
This Black Ops 2 Tango Gaming Headset Is Stuff Of Legends

This Black Ops 2 Tango Gaming Headset Is Stuff Of Legends

You’ve been gaming with that old Razer headset for way too long, junior, time to trash it for something that’s truly awesome. Something that causes the old legends to leap out of their graves and cry mercy! “Mercy,” they cry, as they witness Black Ops 2’s Tango gaming headset by Turtle Beach. Who cares about the freaking price! $300 could get you so much more: diapers for your kids, a nice dress for your wife, food to eat and gas for your tank – but screw all that. Tango’s offerings are too good to be ignored:

The masterpiece of a headset comes ready with custom audio presets designed by Treyarch which can be configured and personalized to optimize game, chat and mic audio for different situations. It has voice prompts recorded by the Black Ops 2 voice actors, who will announce when the headset is powering on, pairing, battery is low, and more and it’s got 2.4/5 GHz Dual-Band Wi-Fi and dual-pairing Bluetooth, so you can answer mobile phone calls or listen to streaming music while gaming.

But there’s more: the headset can change the pitch of your voice from “deep lows to screeching highs” so you can terrorize your enemies as you see please: “you’ve been punned, bastard! hahahahahaha!” On top of that, Tango allows you to chat wirelessly on Xbox 360 or PS3 delivering all the gunfire and bombardment you crave directly into your ears with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound.

So yeah, it’s $300 but you must have it.

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  • nick

    oh god no whatever you do stay 1000 feet away from all turtle beach products!
    there absolute cheap pieces of shit!
    i bought the MW3 delta edition when it released last november, and had so many freaking problems with it!
    first of the sound quality was so pathetic, especially for its price.
    the official ps3 headphones are HALF the price and sound better!
    not to mention there was so much bass hiss, crackling, and interference because of the band it uses.
    than 3 days into use they developed background hiss it sounded like when you turn on the TV without a antena and you get the static hiss.
    sounded like that, and every once in a while you would hear a loud crackling sound hurt your ears it was so loud.
    so i took them back and EB replaced them for me, again a few days later same problem so i rang turtlebeach and they said yeah we have had allot of complaints about these return them and will give you a refund.
    so they even know their products are shit, but wont do anything about it!
    gaming headsets are totally not worth their money!
    either get the astros which are THE ONLY half decent gaming set out there!
    turtle beach, razer, logitech and tritton are all pretty rubbish!
    or wait until $ony release their new premium headset they announced a while ago.
    if i remember right its only 200 USD instead of 300, and i promise you it will sound 10 times better, and be 100 times more reliable!
    and 100000 times more comfortable, god those ear force deltas made my ears sweat like a pig at a pork factory!
    seriously itchy too!