Thursday, December 18, 2014
Quenchables: “We Know Diablo 3 Isn’t Perfect” – Blizzard

Quenchables: “We Know Diablo 3 Isn’t Perfect” – Blizzard

“We are not satisfied with breaking launch records; we want people to continue playing and enjoying Blizzard games for a very long time,” he said. “The Diablo III team has made an epic, entertaining, and beautiful gaming experience. That being said, we know that it isn’t perfect. Our teams are working hard to improve the game balance, build on our design, and listen to what players are saying to make it the best game it can be.” – taken from Blizzard CEO’s Mike Morhaime letter to gamers.

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  • nick

    ladies and gentlement welcome to tonights program, and please join me in introducing the biggest understatment of the century, the man of the hour Mike Morhaime!
    come on down Mike!
    sorry dude, but thats exactly the problem!
    the problem is not that diablo 3 is not perfect.
    the problem is that its NO WHERE NEAR perfect!
    absolutely flabbergasted that this pile of disappointment took over a decade to make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks for proving the stereotype of 5 years in development = extremely disappointing game!
    like we needed any more proof of that after duke nukem forever…………..