Sunday, February 1, 2015
PSN Summer Sales Saves You Big Money On Big Games, More

PSN Summer Sales Saves You Big Money On Big Games, More

Have you some stray cash but know not where or how to spend it? Sony’s PSN Summer Sale is calling you.

The summer sale starts on July 5th, when all games will see a 30 percent discount, with PlayStation Plus subs seeing even bigger savings: a massive 50 percent off. The summer sale is inline with Sony’s Spring Effort, as it offers just about the same discounts.

The titles included as part of the sale are not below tier, rubbish games; there are some big-hitters in there: Shadow of the Colossus HD, inFamous: Festival of Blood, Killzone 3 multiplayer, Renegade Ops, Worms Ultimate Mayhem, Magic Orbz, Closure, Crysis, House of the Dead 3, NBA Jam, and more.

Sounds good? That’s not all (I feel as if I’m making a promo ad for Sony, here), Atlus will send live a sale featurine Catherine ($20), Droplitz ($5), Rock of Ages ($5), and Trine 2 ($7.49).

Get your wallets ready, folks. Time to spend a little.

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  • benzo

    Im on it! Plus member so I get 50% off!!!!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Awesome, I think I’ll finally join plus, man!