Sunday, February 1, 2015
Hundreds Of Email Addresses Leaked In Watch Dogs Faux Pas

Hundreds Of Email Addresses Leaked In Watch Dogs Faux Pas

Hundreds of email addresses were leaked in a Watch Dogs faux pas that saw comsumers who signed up to the game’s ARG website dotconnexion CC’d in a promo email.

An email was blasted to users last night informing them that an update had been made to the website, but whoever sent out the email included the recipients in the CC section, rather than BCC.

500 users were included in the mail-out, however those who were affected are apparently users whose email addresses begin with the letter ‘A’. The affected has also be hit by an armada of unsolicited emails as a result of the mistake.

The email was sent out to inform registered users of Joseph Demarco’s death – the artist targeted in the game’s gameplay debut.

“It is with great regret that we inform you that Joseph Demarco passed away in a tragic, yet unexplained accident,” read the email.

“Being one of the most important philanthropists in the local digital art scene, his demise has left a deep void in the community. Out of respect for his friends and family, the dotconnexion exhibition will be cancelled. Sincerely yours, The dotconnexion Team.”

Ubisoft hasn’t said a word concerning the leak.

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