Saturday, January 31, 2015
Xbox 360 Faces Ban In Germany, Microsoft Vows To Fight Back

Xbox 360 Faces Ban In Germany, Microsoft Vows To Fight Back

Motorola, a company that’s in the process of being acquired by Google, has been granted an injunction against Microsoft over a number of products sold in the country, including the Xbox 360.

It comes just weeks after a judge from the US International Trade Commission issued a preliminary ruling that found Microsoft’s Xbox 360 infringes on five of Motorola’s patents. Motorola wants Microsoft to seek proper licenses for its technologies, most of which relate to H.264 video encoding, tech that’s used in the Xbox 360.

This means Xbox 360, as well as Windows 7, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player cannot be sold in Germany, according to BBC, however the order isn’t enforceable just yet, as a US court must make a ruling on the action next week. Microsoft has promised to appeal.

“This is one step in a long process, and we are confident that Motorola will eventually be held to its promise to make its standard essential patents available on fair and reasonable terms for the benefit of consumers who enjoy video on the web,” MS said in a statement.

“Motorola is prohibited from acting on today’s decision, and our business in Germany will continue as usual while we appeal this decision and pursue the fundamental issue of Motorola’s broken promise.”

Motorola fired back, saying it’s been willing to work with Microsoft on the matter all along.

“We are pleased that the Mannheim Court found that Microsoft products infringe Motorola Mobility’s intellectual property. As a path forward, we remain open to resolving this matter. Fair compensation is all that we have been seeking for our intellectual property,” it said.

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  • foxton

    was just about to direct you to the bbc article, you are on the ball mate :) will be interesting if they manage to ban it.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Thanks :D

    It think they’ll work a deal. MS won’t allow.

  • narwall14

    wow the 360 getting baned well im looking forward to alot of my friends apologies

  • benzo
  • Ernice Gilbert

    Thanks, Benzo: Writing a piece now.

  • nick

    typical M$!
    were allowed to infringe others patents because its under fair use but when others infringe our patents better run bitches!
    its amazing how M$s arrogance still is brick strong after all the law suits they have suffered over this exact thing!
    if i had a nickel for every time M$ had been taken to court for copyright infringement id be the richest man in the world by now!
    oh well, i guess i should expect it from the company who basically stole unix the work of a small bunch of uni students and turned it into DOS.
    so they 1 up M$ and release unix, so M$ steals linux to create windows.
    then they take them to court, as usual M$ throws a briefcase at the judge and they get off scot free!
    sigh, as the saying goes everything has its price!