Thursday, January 29, 2015
Joy Ride Turbo Announced, Coming To Xbox Live In “Weeks”

Joy Ride Turbo Announced, Coming To Xbox Live In “Weeks”

Microsoft’s announced Joy Ride Turbo, a game being developed by BigPark and it’s just “weeks” away from launching on Xbox Live Arcade.

Joy Ride Turbo this time will be controller-based, unlike the first, Joy Ride Kinect, which used the Xbox 360 peripheral as its controller.

The new game contains all new Stunt Park, with 42 vehicles, new tracks, favorite tracks from the first game, 4-player split-screen, 8-player online, and three modes of play: Battle Race, Pro Race and Time Trial.


– Race your friends in local 4-player split-screen or compete with up to 8 on Xbox LIVE.
– Knock out your competitors and take the race lead with rockets, mines, dynamite drops and more.
– Explore the new Stunt Park to gather all of the collectibles and showoff your skills.
– Find and collect car parts to unlock vehicles, each with unique speed and handling characteristics, giving you an edge in your next race.
– Achieve racing leaderboard fame in 3 modes of play: Battle Race, Pro Race & Time Trial.

The game wasn’t given a price or release date.

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  • nick

    oooooooooooh joy!
    yay im so excited this is TOTALLY what i spend 400 bucks on a 360 for!
    more kinect games oh joy!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    It’s not coming to Kinect, Nick. The first was, this is not.

  • nick

    even worse!
    first game M$ releases thats not for the kinect in years and its a crappy kids game!
    might as well be for the kinect!