Friday, January 30, 2015
Thirsty Conversations: Tell Us About Your Most Awesome Kills

Thirsty Conversations: Tell Us About Your Most Awesome Kills

Man, I’ve had some awesome kills while playing FPS games. I remember raining terror on about 8 guys almost simultaneously in Killzone 3 and watching them perish to Hades. I’ve also brandished my battle stripes in Battlefield 3 by taking down 5 or six enemies and changing from primary to secondary in the process. I could have sworn I was Rambo!

Furthermore, I’ve had some perfect kills in Modern Warfare 3 by letting loose precision bombs on unknowing foes – man I’ve had some good times! Random grenade throws taking out full squads, and headshots so long-distance you’d the karma was on my side.

What about you? Tell us about some of your most awesome kills. It’s The Official Games Thirst Bragging Season.

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  • Joseph Garrett
  • nick

    definetly not my best but the funniest one is a few months after KZ2 came out $ony set up a gaming night with the devs.
    the lead level designer, and lead MP designer were playing with us and on one of the maps the lead MP designer came sprinting out of a door so i blew his head off.
    then i heard him say something like bastard……
    another cool one was caspian border, leaping out of my jet and using it as a kamakazie mission to kill 5 people.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Hot kills there, Joe!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Some lucky stuff there, Nick. Those are the moments when you just love gaming!