Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Syndicate Co-Op Demo Landing Later This Month

Syndicate Co-Op Demo Landing Later This Month

There are nine cooperative modes in Syndicate, one will be playable in the demo.

The demo itself includesone four-player co-op mission also found in the full game, with the missions telling a story of a new Syndicate on the rise, Wulf Western. As agents of Wulf Western, gamers must dominate their enemies: Cayman Global, Aspari and Eurocorp – by attaining their technology and hunting their senior executives.

In the featured Western Europe mission, gamers must team up and infiltrate Cayman Global, assassinate Colonel Enrico Gabron, steal the technology blueprints he holds, and force his people back across the Atlantic.

Intriguing stuff. Get the demo later this month on PSN and Xbox Live for a limited time.

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  • nick

    funny, i finally got a email back from the OFLC today explaining why this got banned and so many other games dident.
    have to give it a read later, interested to see what their *excuse* is!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Send me the email details.

  • nick

    you got a PDF opener?
    they sent it to me through adobe acrobat so you need that to open it.
    ill send it to ya and if you cant open it let me know and ill try convert it for ya.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    k great! Thanks.