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Fixing The Battlefield 3 PS3 Voice Chat Problems: Did Dice Mess Up?

Fixing The Battlefield 3 PS3 Voice Chat Problems: Did Dice Mess Up?

Or was it Sony’s fault? Games Thirst guest writer Shaun Morrison, a Battlefield veteran, delves deeper into possible mistakes that might have lead to the complication, and why we probably won’t see a fix until PS4 comes about and the next Battlefield game is released.

Fixing The Battlefield 3 PS3 Voice Chat Problems: Did Dice Mess Up? – Written by Shaun Morrison

When you talk about PS3 voice chat and Battlefield 3 you’re opening a slippery can of worms. If you comb the Battlefield forums you will be bombarded with loving support for the developers to downright fire breathing anger and flaming words of discontent.

Now I don’t claim to be a technical guru on the subject of game development and the finite workings of the PS3. But something has gone astray between Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 with the voice chat. I also understand that BF3 doesn’t own the monopoly on bad in-game communications. I talk about about BFBC2 and BF3 because it just happens to be one of the only games I play and I have a passion for good First Person Shooters. I have played the others, but discovered Bad Company 2 just over a year ago and have not turned back, ”bugs and all”.

You might ask, “You just discovered this a year ago? What are you, an old guy?” Well, yup, I guess I am compared to most gamers, although I didn’t think 43 was old to be into games. My children and their school friends apparently think differently though. It’s kind of funny to go toe to toe with a scruffy haired know it all thirteen year old on the gaming topic. But I guess I was there once, at least, the scruffy haired part.

So why are we here, oh yah, the darn voice chat. Sony apparently has been quoted saying that the PS3’s memory is completely involved with making the game work and has no resources left over for voice communications. Okay you might ask, well it worked fine in BC2 why not BF3, after all, you (DICE) advertised the game as having “in game team communications”. It Is my conclusion that somebody didn’t do their homework at DICE and just assumed it would work for BF3. If voice testing was done in a closed server environment within Dice I imagine it would be damn near flawless. Having players connect over many thousands of miles away from each other and with varying line quality can be a real challenge to say the least. Now, if you throw in the demanding resource qualities of the game you can’t even get off the ground with voice chat. Have you noticed when there are only two players in your squad, the vague hope for chat is there? When the team fills up, all comprehensible communications are lost; hence the added need for resources by other team members on the PS3 system.

I’ve heard all kinds of complaints about the “net code” but I can’t go there. I just don’t know enough about the subject; however, I fear it is having a bad effect on many parts of BF3 online game play.

It looks like console manufacturers will be releasing some new hardware to the public, possibly in 2012. I suspect year end, gee I wonder why? I think the PS3 has met its maker with BF3 and games with such demanding requirements on consoles with “fixed” resources. So why can’t we upgrade our consoles? Short answer in my opinion,… money. Why would console manufacturers want you to upgrade your memory or your processor when they can have you buy a completely new console at a fixed price? What happens to your old console? One word,… OBSOLETE! The new console will play your older games and probably do a better job at it. So why is there a need to “jail break” Iphones, Ipods and wow, PS3’s? Simply put, it’s to get more use and functionality out of your purchased products and to extend the life of them. This brings me back to the main topic, the PS3. If physical memory of the PS3 is taxed why not just increase the memory to ease the strain on the system? Oh that’s right, consoles are not upgradeable.

If the PS3 can be jail-broken by the consumer then why can’t Sony write the software language to use an external source to extend the physical memory? A flash drive, (usb stick) could be used to extend the PS3’s limited resources. Yah I know, it’s not a long term solution but neither is chucking this stuff out every couple of years. In short, consoles should be upgradeable.

In conclusion, I sure would like to see APPLE enter the market with a “upgradeable” product. It might just force the other console makers to put more workability into their products.

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