Sunday, February 1, 2015
Sony Aims To Sell 15 Million PS3s By End Of Fiscal Year, Sales Slightly Ahead

Sony Aims To Sell 15 Million PS3s By End Of Fiscal Year, Sales Slightly Ahead

Sony isn’t wavering on its commitment to sell 15 million PS3 consoles by the time its financial year comes to an end in March 2012 and currently, according to Sony Computer Entertainment boss Andrew House, sales are slightly ahead of target.

As of November 2nd, 2011, Sony reported it had sold approximately 56 million PS3 units since the console’s launch back in 2006, Microsoft managed 57.6 million around the same time since the console launched in 2005.

House also commented on PS Vita, and although he stopped short of predicting sales, he said the amount of time it takes Sony to turn PS Vita sales into profit depends on currency rates.

Sony, a Japanese company, has suffered immensely because of the Yen’s constant rise.

Thanks, Reuters.

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  • nick

    yea exchange rates have not been kind to them latley!
    havent been kind to anyone actually, the high AUD is exactly why so many studios have been closed here!
    oh well, at least importing things is now significantly cheaper!
    now only if US postage services would hurry the hell up!
    thats the only thing stopping me from importing my games, every time i order something from the states it takes 6 weeks to get here!
    i just got my new headphones today, and they were shipped on october 18!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Sony’s really seen bad weather this year. From the Yen to the earthquakes, then floods in Taiwan and the burning down of one of its warehouses in Britain… Rough year.

  • nick

    sigh, can $ony go one week without contradicting themselves!?
    so which one is it?
    this is getting pathetic, almost every week one $ony employee is out saying one thing, then a week later another $ony employee is saying the opposite!