Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Valve And Sony’s Idea Of Cross-Platform Play Similar

Valve has come out singing Sony’s praises on the cross-platform play front, lauding the company for being open, adding that Sony’s idea of the feature aligns in tandem with its own.

“With Sony – and we’ve done it with Portal 2 – they’ve been great to work with on that stuff; they’re really open to that idea. They think of it kind of like we do: we’re gamers, we don’t think ‘platform’,” Portal writer Chet Faliszek told Edge (via CVG).

“Like, I own all the platforms, and I’ll play games on whatever. I just want to play. And they’ve been really helpful that way.”

As for how the feature will work in the upcoming Counter-Strike, Faliszek added: “Xbox has its own community, but PS3, PC and Mac will all be able to play together.

[That’s one] thing about the skill-based matchmaking: if you’re really great with a controller, you’ll be playing with people who are as good with their mouse and keyboard. It doesn’t care about your input device.”

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  • nick

    id be nice to see more games have steam support in them.
    its so cool being able to play on whatever system then come home and pick up where you left off on another.