Friday, December 19, 2014

Playstation Vita or iPhone 4S?

If you already own an iPhone and/or an Android phone should you buy the PS Vita?

Many Sony fans have been wanting a portable Playstation with two joysticks. But, is the PS Vita really worth getting? The PS Vita is supposedly able to play slightly watered down PS3 games. All though the PS Vita will hopefully be great, mobile devices are now starting to withstand the stress of high quality made games.

For example. The Apple iPhone. If you have the 3G version of the device like I do, you can play fairly high quality games, but, for other iPhones or Androids like the brand new iPhone 4S is supposed to have a higher resolution camera and a better graphics card. Unfortunately the PS Vita won’t be released until March 2012 so I can’t do a full comparison on either device. If your a Playstation fan I would still get the PS Vita when it comes out, but, only time will tell if the PS Vita will live up to the hype or if indeed mobile devices will eventually surpass portable gaming devices.

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  • Ghost250

    both, im getting an iphone4s cause ive wanted a phone and an ipod in one. ive just been waiting till apple actually made one with alot of memory in such case i will be getting the 64GB version. pspvita thats a given. games games games unlike the iphone lol

  • nick

    the 4S as a phone and entertainment device, and the vita as a entertainment and web browser device.

  • Ernice Gilbert


  • nick

    wow, 3 boths.
    santa is going to have one hell of a heavy sack!
    i need to win the lottery………