Friday, January 30, 2015

PC Battlefield 3 Beta Testers Gets 64-Player Caspian Border Map

DICE has placed a big smile on its PC fans by opening up the 64-player Caspian Border map today for beta testers.

It was up for a while but the servers then went down, and DICE’s community manager, who handed out the password for the map, is expected to dole out a new set via twitter anytime from now.

There’s a catch, however: since only two servers will be operational, only 128 people can play the map at the same time. You’d do well to keep your eyes open if you want to have at it.

At the moment, console gamers are playing the Operation Metro map in the game’s multiplayer beta. It went live yesterday.

Check out 24 minutes of gameplay thanks to Total Biscuit.

Thanks, Ars.

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  • nick

    so its not really worth downloading the PC version then?
    if it was open for everyone you did not need a code then id probably download it but since you need a code theres no point.
    you cant carry over your soldier over either so ill have to start all over again.
    pass, i got ico and SOTC waiting to be finished.

  • Ernice Gilbert


  • nick

    i think i might download it after all, ICO is boring the %$#@ out of me!
    cant believe how big it is though, its 3.3 freaking GBs!
    whys the PC beta TRIPLE the size of the consoles beta?
    dunno if i can now i only got 2.8GBs of my download usage left, and if i go over it will probably be too slow to play.