Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bodycount Developer Codemasters Guildford Is Shutting Down

Codemaster’s announced that it’s to close Bodycount developer Codemasters Guildford, after the aforementioned game failed terribly in sales, stemming from a wave of poor reviews leaving the shooter’s Metacritic score at a dismal 51.

Codemasters will now steer all focus to its racing studios responsible for DiRT, Formula One and Grid brands.

“As Codemasters looks to take greater leadership in the racing category, the company is proposing a studio structure that adds resource and strengthens our best-in-class racing teams. The output from the studios on the Warwickshire campus and in Birmingham is on the increase with multiple continuing,” said the firm to GI.Biz in a prepared statement.

“Both the Warwickshire and Birmingham studios have won BAFTAs for their critically acclaimed, multi-million selling titles and the company is adding resource to ensure they constantly over achieve in this competitive sector.”

The developers affected are now being encouraged to apply for work at the firm’s other studios, including those in Warwickshire and Birmingham.

“Codemasters envisages that it will continue to have a number of open positions within the Racing and Online studio teams at Codemasters’ campus in Warwickshire working on Dirt, Grid, F1 Online and with the F1 team in Birmingham, which is being expanded to house a full second team working on a new racing IP.”

Bodycount is dead, then.

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  • Joseph Garrett

    Bodycount was a disappointment but it’s always sad to see a developer go down.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yes it is. Hopefully they find work asap.

  • nick

    THQ is killing themselves!
    first they close THQ AU and blutounge studios there longest running studio!
    then they wave goodbye to red faction, their longest and most successful series!
    now there getting rid of yet another studio, and sticking to racing games?
    one things for sure, if i was a THQ shareholder id be getting rid of them quickety split!