Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DICE Responds To Gamers Disappointed Over PS3 Footage Of Battlefield 3

While most console gamers are more than satisfied with the PS3 footage of Battlefield 3 shown on late night with Jimmy Fallon last night, there are some who say they’re somewhat disappointed in the showing, claiming it’s a downgrade from what we’ve been seeing all along after DICE had promised it’d look the same across all platforms.

Well the developer’s responded to that, making quite clear their intentions.

“Why would anyone expect that console would look the same as PC?” said Johan Andersson, Rendering Architect at DICE via a tweet. “If that was the case we would have failed with the PC version.”

DICE General Manager KM Troedsson also pointed out that what we saw was pre-alpha build, so we should expect it to look even better at launch.

“Of course, everything we show is pre-alpha… until we hit alpha,” he said through twitter.

Video Thirst: The Battlefield 3 PS3 Gameplay Causing The Controversy

Battlefield 3 goes on sale in October for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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  • newyearnewrule

    I am more than satisfy with what I see. However’s crying foul needs help. Come on, I mean you don’t expect consoles to actually do battle with PCs?

  • nick

    looks freaking amazing to me!
    especially the destruction, never have i seen physX support like that on consoles!
    compare that to mafia 2 on ps3, which has the best physX support on any console youll see the massive difference!
    DICE really have pulled out all the stops on this one!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I think it looks great, not PC great of course, but it’s the top of class in console world.

  • nick

    definitely PC great!
    DICE are one of the VERY few developers who actually do the PC justice!
    BFBC2 was great proof of that, looked amazing, had so many features to tweak, had amazing damage system, was the first game to be nvidia 3D vision ready.
    no one does better PC games then DICE!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Hopefully DICE stays true to the platform.

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