Wednesday, September 10, 2014

All Kojima Productions Games Moving Forward Will Be Available On PS Vita

Komani made a good move when it decided to hold its press conference before E3 actually began, and although many great games were unveiled at the show, it was Kojima Productions new “Transfarring” engine that received most of the attention. The new tech allows you to play games on a home console for example, and continue on, say, PSP, cool right? Well now we’re learning that because of this, the developer’s plan is release all its PS3 games moving forward not only on the home console, but also on Sony’s recently announced PS Vita.

“We have a plan moving forward, where all of our major titles will have this transfarring functionality. So you’ll buy the next big game from Kojima Productions on PS3, and there’ll also be an NGP version [PSVita] and take it on the go,” said Kojima Productions in its latest podcast, (via PS3Center).

Playing Metal Gear Solid 5 on my PS3 and continuing that experience on PS Vita isn’t such a bad idea. What do you guys think?

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  • nick

    so 2 games for the price of one?
    so this means will see MGS rising on the vita?
    been waiting a long time for a feature like this to come now its finally here!
    i just hope its not locked to your PSN ID like ps3 save games are.
    i mean what the %$#@ is the point of being able to copy your game files across if they have to be used on the same account?
    kinda counterproductive no?

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah. I think this is a good move. Really like it.