Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Confirmed: Agent No Longer A PS3 Exclusive

During E3, news broke that Agent might no longer be a PS3 exclusive game after an interview with GameTrailers’ Geoff Keighley, and on the latest episode of Bonus Round, he basically confirmed that the game’s no longer a exclusive to the aforementioned console, but would also make its way to Xbox 360.

Speaking about the Sony press conference in the show, Keighley said what he took away from the interview with Tretton is that Agent has gone multiplatform just like L.A. Noire before it, another game that was promised by Rockstar to be exclusive to PS3.

What does this mean for Sony? Not much, really. The firm has many PS3 exclusive games on the horizon, some announced and some we haven’t seen. So it’s not a big deal, the bigger problem I think is Rockstar and its failed promises to PS3 fans.

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  • nick

    knew this was going to happen, after all the years we have heard nothing about it!
    doubt will be seeing it anytime soon either, they still got MP3 to announce.
    when was the last time they showed that off?
    thats one thing i hate about R*, they announce a game then say nothing for years, then announce another game and say nothing for years, then show a little of the first game, then announce a new game.
    they show there cards 10 years before they play them!

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