Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bobby Kotick Comments On The Lack Of Console Footage Of Battlefield 3

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has been mostly quiet when it comes to discussing Battlefield 3, but EA’s own CEO John Riccitiello hasn’t done the same when it comes to Modern Warfare 3. The latter has said that their game, Battlefield 3, is blatantly superior to any Call of Duty title, and that come October, it’ll beat Infinity Ward’s latest offering. Bobby Kotick finally decided to share his opinion on the matter.

When asked by the CNBC reporter what he had to say concerning EA’s John Riccitiello comments that Battlefield 3 would go up against Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and beat it, Kotick replied:

“Well so far I’ve only seen Battlefield 3 shown on a PC,” he said, “so I haven’t seen it on a console which is where the bulk of our business is. If it’s just the PC titles as it looks like today, that’s a very small audience to participate – but we always are interested in seeing what our competitors are doing.”

“I think we’ve had a lot of success with the Call of Duty franchise, the product that we’re about to release Modern Warfare 3 is a result of an enormous amount of user research, and it is what our tens of millions of players are saying they’d like to see in their next [Call of Duty] experience.”

Bobby Kotick then spoke of Call of Duty: Elite, and how it offers incredible value for free, and that gamers will choose whether they’ll want pay for extra features (still yet to be unfolded). EA’s offering a comparable service free of charge.

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  • nick

    typical antivision always about money, money, money!!!!!!!
    making a BETTER games much more important then making a better selling game!
    not that yous would know that………..

  • Ernice Gilbert

    He didn’t say anything wrong. EA’s been pushing Battlefield 3 like it was only coming to PC when most of the target users are on consoles…..Activision’s been doing the opposite. Who do you think will “win” in the sales dept?

  • rpatricky

    If Kotick had Treyarch show Black Ops on the PS3 in all its laggy frame rate drop goodness….it probably wouldn’t have done as well… Well? Maybe not?

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  • Ernice Gilbert

    It still would have. After all the bad press, people are yet buying Black Ops…